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React, useEffect and useLayoutEffect Gotchas

The difference between the useEffect and useLayoutEffect can be vauge. In daily task 99% of the time useEffect is way to go. Yet it's nice to now the difference since it can be useful in some situtations also it's a great interview question!


99% of the time this is what we want to use. useEffect allows you to synchronize a component with an external system.. When useEffect is called, React knows to render your side effect only after changes are made to the DOM

useEffect runs after every react render (including the first render). useEffect is effected only after the component is rendered so it ensures that your effect callback does not block browser painting.

If you need your effect to fire synchronously after the DOM mutation before the next browser paint. You wil need to use useLayoutEffect. Otherwise users could see flickering or visual inconsistencies when DOM mutations take effect.


useLayoutEffect is a version of useEffect that fires before the browser repaints the screen.

useLayoutEffect runs synchronously immediately after the DOM mutation and before the browser get to paint the new changes.

This hook is useful for performing DOM measurement (like getting scroll height, scroll position).


Do not need to interact with DOMNeed to mutate DOM / need to perform measurements
Runs after every render, including first render.Runs immediately after DOM has been updated/before browser had a chance to "paint" the changes

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